The Right Cut 2019


Un Mundo Sin Mordaza is a Non-Governmental Organization that defends and promotes human rights through innovative methods such as art and culture. This creative approach is one of our ways to spread our message to the people, as well as political activism in the field of human rights and the training of activists at a national and international level.

The Right Cut 2019 is an idea that emerges from Un Mundo Sin Mordaza and consolidates with the help of the other allies involved.

With this short film contest we want to approach our objective following our discursive line as an organization, since we seek to promote , educate, denounce and generate solidarity in the area of human rights, specifically on freedom of expression, the main theme of this second edition of The Right Cut 2019 contest.N

Amnesty International is a movement of activists who fight against human rights violations, wherever they occur. It is made up of more than 8 million people in more than 160 countries, campaigning, collecting signatures and raising their voices against injustice. Amnesty has been highlighted with important and recognitions such as the Nobel Peace Prize and the UN Human Rights Prize.

The institutional and associative presence of France is Venezuela is multiform. The Embassy is the interlocutor of the Venezuelan government in its relations with the French government, through the diplomatic chancellery, the consular services, the economic and commercial department, the cultural, scientific and technical cooperation services and the cooperation services in military and affairs.

These services, located in Caracas, are supported by the network of honorary consuls and foreign trade advisers that host their action throughout the Venezuelan territory.

In addition to the role they play in such a framework, the services of the embassy also put available to all French people in Venezuela, whether residents or tourists, to give them advice and help before, during and after their stay in Venezuela. They also provide support to French companies that wish to invest, settle or trade in Venezuela, in various domains such as analysis of the economic and commercial situation, assistance in processing, technical and financial advice.

Not only the services of the French Embassy are dedicated to The French, but also to Venezuelans who want to know or travel to France, study or work in our country, when carrying out procedures and providing help and information.

Twitter is what is happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. It is a global platform of free expression and live conversations. Whether it’s about breaking news, entertainment, sports or issues of vital civic importance, Twitter connects people from anywhere in the world to live conversations and information.

The human rights community has always been very important to Twitter, and through our alliances with Un Mundo Sin Mordaza and other civil society organizations, Twitter continues to strengthen its commitment to respect freedom of expression and civil liberties.

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) at Harvard University works to increase knowledge of the cultures, economies, histories, environment and contemporary issues of Latin America; foster cooperation and understanding among the peoples of the Americas; and contribute to democracy, social progress and sustainable development throughout the hemisphere.