The Right Cut 2019


Terms and Conditions

The general objective of The Right Cut 2019 is to illustrate, denounce and generate solidarity around Freedom of Expression as a fundamental right of the human being.

  • Any person that resides in the american continent and is over 18 years old may participate.
  • Participation can be individual or in group, establishing in the second case an official representation with the identity of one of the participants.

Selection stage

  • The submitted the short films must have a title.
  • The short films must be oriented and respond to the theme of this contest, namely, expose a theme regarding to human rights, with special emphasis on the right to freedom of expression and the restoration of democracy. The participation of works that have been made after January 1st, 2016 until the present is considered valid.
  • The short films can be documentary or fiction.
  • The short films must be original and independent, taking into account the freedom of expression as the main theme and the artistic aspect as cinematographic author work. Any work that contains pornographic content will be disqualified.
  • The call is open from April 22nd to September 6th, 2019. The short films must be sent through the Vimeo platform in 720p quality. The accepted language are Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.
  • It is essential that each participant fill in the Registration Form (click here). In the case of a group registration the organization of the contest assumes as winner and creditor of the prize the person who appears as a representative in the registration form.
  • A participant can register several shorts. Each short film must be enrolled in particular respecting all the steps and requirements with a registration form for each work.
  • The maximum duration of the shorts (Total Running Time TRT) will be twenty-five minutes (25′) with credits included.
  • The music used in the short film must be free of copyright or original of the participants. The sources of the musical pieces should be cited in the “Short film information” section on the registration form so that their condition is verified by the organizers. Similarly, if they are original songs or belonging to a group or author, you must attach a clause of transfer of rights of reproduction or communication where the author or authors recognize them as their own and grant the right to use them in the short film . The relevant mention in the credits of the works and their intellectual owners must also be respected.

Award stage

  • Selected short films must be sent from September 1st to September 11th, 2019 through the WeTransfer platform in high definition (1280 × 720) or Full HD (1920 × 1080), in mp4 or mov format. 
  • In the case of being selected, the organizers of the contest can ask the participants for a trailer of 15 to 30 seconds of the short film for promotional use.
  • All the short films must include an initial cover with a duration of 4 seconds where the logos of all the convening institutions appear, using the pre-designed file for that purpose, available in the following download link (cover) respecting the proportion, colors, elements and other graphic characteristics.
  • The selected participants accept that the coordinators and allies of the contest can disseminate and organize projections of their short films on a strictly cultural or academic basis, without commercial purposes or for profit.
    The award jury in each category will be made up of professionals representing each of the convening institutions.
  • The jury has the power to consider the contest void if the received the short films fail to meet the expected quality criteria.
    The participants to the contest must take into account that the three prizes involve having a valid passport and the probability of applying for a visa to enter the United States or France.
  • The coordinators undertake to maintain the confidentiality and non-dissemination of non-selected short films.
  1. From April 22nd to September 6th, participants must fill out the registration form once they have hosted their short film, in quality no less than 720p, on the Vimeo platform. It is important to remember that in this portal the video must be configured as “private” and protected by password, which must be indicated on the registration form, like the video link.

  2. The organizers will send an email confirmation of registration after receiving all the requirements by the participant (confirmation of the link on Vimeo, registration form completed with all the required information).

  3. The convening allies review the short films received and select those that meet the requirements described in this document. The first week of September will be sent by email a diploma to the contestants that make up the Official Selection of the contest The Right Cut 2019.

  4. Upon receiving this email, the participant must send his short film through the WeTransfer platform in high definition (1280×720) or Full HD (1920×1080), contained in mp4 and mov format, to email ( In addition they must send the mail the trailer of 15-30 seconds to promote the contest for the networks. Dates scheduled for the delivery of short films in competition: from September 1st to September 11th.

  5. Similarly, from September 1st to September 11th will be the promotion phase of the short films to apply for the mention of “Short film with more Likes on the page of the contest and Retweets you have in the Twitter accounts of the allies of the contest”. The short films of the Official Selection will be uploaded to the page. Then the participants can copy the link of their short film and share it on their social networks to be able to disseminate it and get the Likes and Retweets.

  6. On Sunday, September 22, 2019 the winners will be published on the social networks of the convening institutions.

Registration form