What is TRC?

The Right Cut is a video contest that aims to raise awareness of the current problems and consequences of the measures taken around the COVID-19 pandemic and its multidimensional consequences on society, in order to generate a sense of urgency in the world and resulting in better health, economic, and social policies.

Third Edition - 2020

This year, the NGO Un Mundo Sin Mordaza in alliance with the Embassy of France in Venezuela and the social network Twitter presents a special edition of The Right Cut where a creative video contest is promoted in which everyone with the capacity to denounce and the talent of A filmmaker in training can express through film art and within the framework of human rights, their perception of the measures taken in each of their countries to combat the disease of COVID-19. In such a way that they can exercise their right to express themselves freely.

For this special edition, the general objective of The Right Cut 2020 is to denounce and raise awareness through the audiovisual arts of the violations of human rights throughout the American continent as a result of the pandemic; and its economic, health, social and political effects that compromise the quality of life of citizens.